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General Assistance

Program Overview

The General Assistance Program is intended to assist people who are in need and have nowhere else to turn.  It provides assistance for basic necessities such as food, shelter, utilities, fuel, clothing, and certain other items, when they are essential.  All assistance granted is in voucher form and no cash assistance is granted.  Eligibility has to be determined within 24 hours.

How to Apply:

You may pick up a GA application form at the Town Office.  If you have Internet access, you can print the General Assistance Application – 2014 – Fillable PDF.

Your GA budget will be based on the 30 day period following your application.  The Town will also look back to 30 days before you applied to see what money you received and how you spent it.  They will need to see:

  • Your most recent bills and/or other proof of expenses including:  rent/mortgage, heating fuel, electricity, food, medical expenses
  • Cancelled checks, receipts, or other documents that show how you have spent your money and income in the past 30 days
  • Your driver’s license or other identification
  • Your Social Security Number and the Social Security Number of all members of your household
  • Work related expenses
  • Name, address, and telephone number of your landlord
  • A doctor’s statement if you are ill, disabled, or not able to work
  • Proof of all household income including wages, cash on hand income, tax refunds, unemployment benefits, child support benefits, TANF benefits, Social Security benefits, SSI/SSDI disability benefits, checking/savings, veteran’s pensions, rental income, loans, worker’s compensation, savings bonds, trust funds/annuity, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, school loans, assistance from relatives, in-kind income, self-employment income, financial resources, car/recreational vehicles, real estate holding(s)

When Assistance is Granted:

The GA administrator will determine your eligibility based on whether your countable income is less than your necessary expenses and the program’s income maximum.  Countable income is your actual income minus all of your work related expenses.

The administrator or caseworker must issue a written decision within 24 hours of receiving a completed application.  If you have not provided all the information needed to determine your eligibility, you may be notified you are ineligible until the information is provided.  If you are found eligible, assistance will be granted promptly.


With the exception of “first time” applicants, anyone applying for General Assistance must document their use of income.  Current receipts showing how income has been spent are required.  Only receipts for basic necessities are considered allowed expenses, which include but are not limited to food, rent, heating fuel, utilities, medication and work related expenses.

Work Requirement:

If you are unemployed or underemployed (working less than full time) but you are able to work, you must register for work at the career center, actively look for work, accept any job offer (paying at least minimum wage), participate in any no-cost training, retraining, educational or rehabilitative program that would help you get a job if referred to such a program by the administrator, and agree to perform and successfully complete work for the municipality if assigned to a “workfare” program.

Use of Potential Resources:

The Town can direct you in writing to apply for resources such as TANF, food stamps, HEAP, SSI, Social Security disability, child support, and other public programs.  The Town can also tell you in writing to get medical treatment or go to rehabilitation that is free.  You will be allowed 7 days to show you applied for these resources.

Quitting Work or Getting Fired:

If you have been working, but quit your job without a good reason or get fired from your job for misconduct, you are automatically ineligible to receive assistance for 120 days from the date of separation from your employment.

Remember that the administrator does not want to disqualify you from receiving the assistance you need, so it is in your best interest to fully comply with the work program rules.


If the administrator finds out that you have not told the truth, you will be disqualified from receiving GA for 120 days.  In addition, the administrator may refer your case over to the police department or District Attorney’s Office for committing General Assistance fraud, which is a Class E crime.  The administrator does not want to disqualify you or get you in trouble with the law, so make sure to always tell the truth when you apply for General Assistance.


The information concerning your request for assistance, including the application, budget sheet, decision and other information regarding your case is strictly confidential.  You, your attorney, the administrator and certain government personnel may review your records unless you have given your express permission.